The visitor should vote for your site for free will, by the fact that the visitor believe that your site is interesting and deserves the vote.

It is forbidden to use Proxy to keep in top positions, if you use Proxy to vote, your site will be permanently banned.

The site will be added to the list, shall be in accordance with the category. You cannot add a site that is not in its class, if it happens to the account will be banned permanently.

Sites that display adult or erotic content are not allowed.

You cannot use pop-up or any method that forces the visitor to vote. Any method of sending votes via your voting link, which does not come from your site, will result in permanent ban and removing the link from the list.

We will provide a statistics API, so that your system checks the votes of players, so that they are rewarded. We believe that this is the only honest way that will encourage players to publicize your site.